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Monday, 23 May 2016 By Paul Corson, Digital Media expert at mclcreate

Webcasting is a tool that is becoming more and more popular for live events. But how can streaming an event to an audience of thousands over the internet add genuine value? How can it help you get the best out of an event? And, what are the pitfalls you need to avoid? Here are my top tips for a successful webcast.

DO think of the audience. Firstly, who is your target? How will a webcast benefit them? How many viewers will there be? Will it be available publically or just to a select private group? These are all important considerations for shaping the way the content will be accessed.

Also, think about how your audience will receive the content. Desktop, mobile or tablet? No matter the device, you need to ensure that they will have the capability to view and fully appreciate the content provided. Will there be devices available at your event, and is there sufficient bandwidth available on the internet connection? It’s often easy – but a mistake – to rely on the strength of the venue’s Wi-Fi. Pay for the hard wired, high speed internet connection that will transform your visitor’s webcasting experience.

DO promote the fact that you have a live stream! Make sure the link is easily accessible through your organisation’s website, by email and through social platforms, where relevant.

DO keep it short and sweet. People can be easily distracted online, so keeping the webcast content snappy and to the point is crucial. Also, looking at the camera you’re using is important. It’s where your presenters need to focus, so they can connect and, if possible, interact with their audience, perhaps through a live Q&A or through social media channels in real-time.

DO remember the latency in your presentation. There will always be a delay between your presentation and the viewer seeing what you have just said – it can be from around 20 seconds to a minute. So, if you want to invite questions, then ask your audience to think of them as you are presenting and send them in throughout your talk. That way you will avoid pauses and dead air in your show.

DO check out the proposed location thoroughly. This preparation is essential to assess the space as a suitable webcasting environment and to test internet connectivity. If you’re allowing employees to view the webcast on the corporate network infrastructure, then it’s an absolute must. Think of your production values. Good quality audio and video with a great, creative backdrop will all contribute to an engaging and rewarding viewing experience.

DO know the time-zones of your audience. It is useless broadcasting Live at 09:00hrs in London to an audience in New York, for example. With a basic webcast service costing less than a business class flight for one delegate, you can reach a global audience much more easily now than in the past and cost effectively too. Alternatively, you can bring presenters from around the world to your location using mclcreate’s virtual presenter service.

And finally…

DO be on time! Starting when you say you’re actually going to start is critical to retain the attention of notoriously time-poor internet viewers. 

How can we help?

inview by mclcreate is a collection of webcast and online broadcast tools for live streaming presentations and events to online audiences throughout the world. Whether you require a secure private webcast to your corporation or would like to live stream a music festival to the general public, there is an inview solution for you.

inview can be used for standalone online events or as an expansion of a hybrid event, where there is both a physical audience and online participants.

You can deploy it to broadcast to multiple platforms either live or as an On-Demand service, once the event is over. Real-time analytics are also available, showing viewing figures, email addresses and viewing data allowing you to measure the success of your broadcast and tailor future events to maximise potential.

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