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Exhibitions have changed: How to stay ahead of the game

Friday, 27 November 2015

Exhibitions have changedLike so much else in the world of events, exhibitions are feeling the winds of change. Clients expect more value, delegates want more interaction, and technology is opening up new possibilities.

Here at mclcreate, our exhibitions department sees the developments at first hand. Here are our insights into the changing landscape of exhibitions.

How the exhibition game has changed…

For too long, exhibitions relied on the tried-and-tested formats. Walk-arounds, awkward tours and samey stands arranged conventionally in rows.

These days, exhibitors and event organisers are making greater efforts to build memorable experiences. More attention is being paid to zoning areas, showcasing in more exciting ways, and creating real atmosphere.

Pull-up banners and boards are being replaced with interactive walls and touch tables. These are not only more interactive, but also facilitate seamless data capture.

So what’s driving all this change? A major factor is the desire for good value on the part of clients. With budgets tight, the industry is expected to deliver more bang for buck than ever before.

Delegates also demand more - they want to be engaged and entertained. This is also spurring exhibitions to offer better ways of showcasing and interacting.

What makes a good exhibition?

Good use of technology 

Screen use is a part of everyday life now, so the bar has been raised. People expect much more from exhibition technology.

Giving people a reason to walk over…

...but not a bowl of sweets! There are better ways to attract visitors to your stand.

Clever data capture and feedback

These days the Internet and social media offer the potential for instant feedback and interaction. Customised event apps like into can harness this. Find out more here

The personal touch

Good use of data means you can forget the generic messages and treat people as individuals, which always makes a positive difference.

What makes a bad exhibition?

Poor exhibition space planning

It sounds simple, but if people can’t see what they’re going into, they often just walk on by. So avoid boxed-in corner stands and secretive archways - make it obvious!

Blending in with other exhibitors

Be smart. Research what other stands are offering and try to be different. For example, we created a black exhibition stand for a client, which stood out among the beige ones in the hall.

Want to know more? Read about our exhibitions division here.

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