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Thursday, 06 February 2014

Those following our blog and social content won't have failed to see a recent focus on what 2014 holds in store. Technology is a big focus for this. Gamification gets a focus with this post highlighting what it offers the event planner.  

Conference & Incentive Travel have picked their 5 key technologies which includes the expected items: advanced digital displays, event guide apps and social integration and the unexpected: the Internet of Things. This is perhaps a longer-term development but interesting that it’s being talked about in the sector.

In the US Event Marketer has created a downloadable guide (PDF) to its guide to this year's top tech picks. Highlights include the need to get serious about social media and extending the life-cycle of an event. This last point is key is one of the reasons we've launched our INTO app. Communicating with delegates is changing and the smartphones offer a way to talk to people before, during and after the event. 

Elsewhere Boris Johnson has been singing London's praises as a key event destination and the Daily Mail reports that a new app lets people by pass hotel check-ins and even open their room with their phone. This is one to watch as tech has yet to improve the event registration and check-in process. 

To end the week Event Manager Blog offers this wry look at what we love and hate about events.

  • 2016 Round up blog - mclcreate

    2016 Round up blog - mclcreate

    Looking back over 2016, it is clear that we have a lot to be proud of. In January we kicked off the year with our client Swinton’s Annual Conference, bringing the entire company together under the unifying theme of ‘I Am Swinton’ through the use of live webcasting, polls and an interactive Q&A.

  • Pointers for presentation perfection

    Pointers for presentation perfection

    For me, I always think the perfect presentation is easy – you just have to have something to say and believe that people have come to hear you say it.

  • The future of events; Facebook, Live Streaming & VR

    The future of events; Facebook, Live Streaming & VR

    We are often asked for the latest technology or piece of equipment when planning an event. The events industry, like all others, has to adapt to be well positioned to utilise the advances coming our way from the technology world.

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