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Top insider tips on running a successful event

Thursday, 05 November 2015

SuccessHere at mclcreate, we organise events of all shapes and sizes, ranging from small executive business meetings to high-profile public launches. We’ve worked in many different countries, and our multi-skilled team includes event planners, delegate managers, designers, technicians and more.

Without wishing to blow our own trumpet, we like to think we have some useful insights to share. So here are our top tips on running a successful event…

General hints

Never try to do everything yourself

The best events are created when different people with different skill sets come together. Even in a small team, effectively dividing tasks ensures better quality and less potential for errors and oversights.

A venue may be beautiful, but what’s the team like?

The venue is crucial, but there’s more than location and aesthetics to consider. How helpful are the venue staff? What services are included? The best venue staff can act as an extension of your team, bringing valuable knowhow and support.

Marketing tips

Make sure attendees know exactly what they’re getting

Managing expectations is an important part of event marketing. Don’t promise the earth and fail to deliver. Check that no false impressions are created in your marketing. Provide as much detail as you can on what attendees can expect.

Tap into online event networks

There are a number of Internet-based platforms like Meetup and Yelp, which provide forums for like-minded people to attend events together. 

Although you can create an account and promote the event yourself, the best way is to find a connector or group leader and persuade them to create and promote the event to their existing network. Try offering them a free ticket in exchange.

Regulatory reminders

Be on top of permits, licensing and insurance

Investigate very early on if you will need permits or licensing. This especially applies to events involving alcohol or live entertainment. Equally important is insurance - never chance it! Have a policy to protect you should something go wrong.

Don’t forget your risk assessment

If you find it tedious, delegate it! Get someone thorough and committed to fully assess potential risks and ways of dealing with them. It could save pain further down the line.

On the day

Do a final run-through

Imagine you are the delegate. ‘Arrive’ at the event, go to the check-in desk, go through all the steps you expect your guests to and identify where things need to be tweaked, fixed, got rid of or added to.

Don’t worry about mishaps - it’s how you deal with them that counts

It’s not what you want to hear, but even the best-laid plans won’t always save you. But don’t let unforeseen problems or freak accidents shake you. Dealing with things in a calm, prompt and positive manner should see you through any hiccups on the day.

Want help organising a great event? Read about our Delegate and Event Management service.

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