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Why you should host your next international event in the UK

Thursday, 24 September 2015

United Kingdom MapCasting around for a location to host your next global AGM or sales conference? Look no further than the United Kingdom for a fantastic destination that fulfils a variety of needs.

While mclcreate is based in the UK, working with our global network of sister companies gives us an international outlook. We understand the challenges, considerations and complexities of bringing people together from across the world to meet and share valuable experiences.

Read on to find out why we believe the UK is a great place to host your next international event... 

1. Great transport networks  The UK has around 30 international airports, a busy cross-country network of railways, and a well-maintained web of motorways and highways reaching into every part of the islands. Getting in, around and out is easy for delegates travelling to events from overseas.

2. The language factor  English is one of the world’s few truly universal languages, used by many in business to bridge linguistic barriers, and made familiar to people across the world through music and film. Despite delegates arriving from different countries, and speaking different languages, they will likely have a good chance of being able to interact with locals and navigate their way around in an English-speaking country.

3. Good telecommunications and digital connectivity  With a 90% internet penetration rate, the UK is one of the most digitally connected countries in the world. Internet access and Wi-Fi facilities are widely available, meaning that high-flying professionals never need be cut off from their important work back home. Mobile connectivity is equally universal, with a variety of providers offering good coverage across the country, including both 3G and 4G networks.

4. Excellent variety of venues  The UK offers a fascinating range of locations for the event planner. You could host delegates in an ancient Scottish castle, or you could take them to the top of Europe’s tallest building: London’s breathtakingly futuristic Shard. Whisky vaults, river barges, zoos and even vineyards – these are just a few of the unusual and inspiring venues available for hire across the UK, giving you a great chance of creating a truly memorable corporate event.

5. Exciting leisure and entertainment options  When it comes to relaxation and teambuilding, the UK wins with a whole gamut of interesting and engaging activities. Thrill seekers can enjoy wind tunnels, white water rafting or even zorbing (rolling down a hillside in a giant inflatable ball). Alternatively, there is a whole calendar of cultural pursuits that discerning international visitors may enjoy, from horse racing at Ascot to sailing at Cowes, to the annual tennis tournament at Wimbledon.

6. Great food and drink  Think British food is bland and boring? Think again! The old stereotypes have given way to a world-class restaurant scene, with chefs like Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay putting modern British cuisine on the map. Meanwhile, the country’s cultural diversity is reflected in the range of international cuisines found in British cities, from African to Vietnamese and everything in between. So international delegates will always find something to their taste.

7. The tourist attractions  The UK is the eighth most visited country in the world, with a whopping 34 million international visitors in 2014. And why do they come? To see famous sights like Big Ben, Shakespeare’s Stratford, Edinburgh Castle and Stonehenge. Place your event within easy visiting distance of a popular attraction to give an added incentive to delegates to make the journey. After all, even busy professionals love to tick things off their travel list and take a souvenir home.

8. Brilliant customer service  The British are renowned for being polite and courteous, and this is a culture that lends itself perfectly to hosting and entertaining delegates visiting from around the world. You can rest assured that your guests will be received and dealt with in a professional and friendly way as standard – without any need for tipping or kickbacks.

9. London  An eminent global city, the UK capital, is rightly renowned as a cultural, financial and commercial hub, making it worthy of any important international meeting or conference. Your delegates will always appreciate the opportunity to visit or revisit London. 

10. Location, location, location  The United Kingdom is perfectly placed to act as the meeting point for delegates arriving from different corners of the globe. It is within a few hours’ travel of most European cities while providing a convenient midpoint between east and west for arrivals from Asia and the Americas.

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