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Dazzling election projection lights up Scottish monument

Tuesday, 05 May 2015

Some have called this election dull, but in Edinburgh it has literally brightened things up, thanks to an ambitious art installation.

Using the latest projection mapping techniques, event company mclcreate has projected striking light displays onto Scotland’s National Monument on Calton Hill.

The company is more used to running business events, but managing director Tim Spencer said:

“The general election is quite possibly the greatest event of all, and we wanted to mark it in a new way that would engage the public."

“We chose Scotland because people here are really energetic and excited about having their say. We wanted to capture that mood and do our bit to spread it across the board.” 

The artwork is a dynamic light pattern, starting with a few triangles and rapidly multiplying into a mass of dazzling shapes and colours.

Mr Spencer explained the significance of the design:

“There’s a sense of votes building up, and of people across the country coming together to contribute to the democratic process. Each individual shape is a crucial part of the overall result.”

The National Monument, seen as Scotland’s answer to the Greek Parthenon, was chosen for its link to the birthplace of democracy.

The project was in collaboration with Projector Club, headed up by Edinburgh street artist and mclcreate manager Ross Blair. 

Commenting on the high-tech nature of the displays, Mr Blair said:

“Democracy is increasingly going digital. We’ve seen throughout this election how ordinary people are using social media and the internet to make their views heard. You could look at this digital art projection as an illustration of that trend.”

Footage of this incredible art installation is available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WetD3XQ5KJ8 

the projection made national headlines

The media loved the timely story, along with the striking pictures and video we produced.

It was covered by several high-profile publications, including:

BBC News

The Scotsman

Scotland Now

Edinburgh Evening News

Daily Business

Daily Mirror

Social media was also lit up by the election projection, with a total of 131 tweets, retweets and favourites on Twitter relating to the project.

On LinkedIn, updates about the project reached a total of 4,587 professionals.

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