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Digital art project lights up Scottish landscape

Thursday, 11 September 2014

On the eve of Scotland’s historic moment, an ambitious art installation has used state-of-the-art digital technology to bring new life to the most familiar of Scottish design motifs: the tartan.

A group of digital artists and photographers used the latest 3D projection mapping techniques to create the spectacular nocturnal light display, transforming the barns and log cabins of Leyden Farm in Midlothian.

Conceived and commissioned in Edinburgh by event company mclcreate, the project took months of design and preparation by street artists Ross Blair, Brian Mcfeely and Craig Robertson, known in artistic circles by the pseudonyms TrenchOne, Elph and Purshone. 

Collaborating as the Art Collective Projector Club, the team also included film maker Mike Guest and musician Jennifer Austin.

The climax took place on a cold and rainy September night, when the artists and crew braved the elements to project and capture the final light designs on film.

Ross Blair, assistant general manager at mclcreate and project art director, shared the inspiration behind the work:

The eyes of the world have really been on Scotland this year, and so we thought, ‘why not give them something special to look at?’ We’re used to using projection mapping for business events, but we wanted to push the boundaries a little bit.”

Hinting at the timing of the display, he added: 

This project stands for all that’s vibrant and fresh about today’s Scotland, while paying homage to the history that has made us who we are. We wanted it to say that whatever happens, Scotland has a rich past and a bright future ahead.


The article has been making headlines in the national press.

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