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mclcreate announces partnership with Projector Club

Wednesday, 03 May 2017 Projector Club Edinburgh

Live communications expert, mclcreate, has revealed a new partnership with cutting edge arts collective, Projector Club. Combining mclcreate’s wealth of events experience and know-how with Projector Club’s artistic flair, imagination and creative expertise, this collaboration brings together the specialist skills from both companies to deliver more impressive and impactful live event solutions for businesses, venues, public bodies and other organisations.

Based in Edinburgh, Projector Club is a broad collective of multi-disciplined artists and technologists, renowned for pushing creative boundaries with their diverse and imaginative solutions for live events. They can create inspirational and fully immersive environments, featuring illustration, music, wall murals, photography and film amongst a range of dynamic content services for projection mapping and other audio-visual applications.

Ross Blair, Art Director, at Projector Club commented: “The partnership with mclcreate marks a really exciting time for our collective. Bringing Creative Artistic Vision together with the ability to deliver truly breath taking Projects with cutting edge technology is at the core of our Collective Ethos. We have already collaborated on some brilliant projects together and the move towards interactive immersive user experiences in both live events and the Arts shows that these type of collaborations are key to the future.”

mclcreate and Projector Club have recently collaborated to deliver a series of stunningly creative and technically impressive projects. These include projects such as Highland Park’s Midwinter Social event in Shoreditch and the wider collaboration of Botanic Lights at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, where they provided bespoke projection mapping and creative content to create immersive installations.

“Aligning, talking and, ultimately, partnering more closely with Projector Club makes great sense for mclcreate and our clients,” adds Tim Spencer, Managing Director at mclcreate. “It will instantly plug them into an incredible and unique pool of creative talent. The result will be that we can deliver even more amazing live events for our clients that reach, engage and resonate fully with their audiences.”

For more information on Projector Club, please visit www.projectorclub.co.uk or email [email protected].

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