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mclcreate Help Hidden Door Give a New Lease Of Life To Forgotten Spaces

Friday, 26 May 2017 The Old Leith Theatre, Edinburgh

Working in collaboration with creative partners, the Projector Club, and as part of a wider team, mclcreate have aided in the delivery of a bigger, better and more ambitious Hidden Door Festival than ever before for 2017.

Hidden Door is an Edinburgh-based arts group which aims to breathe life back into the city’s forgotten and derelict spaces, re-inventing them as platforms for new and emerging artists, musicians, film producers, poets and actors. The not-for-profit group seeks to support the arts in Edinburgh, creating a Legacy for the city and providing engaging and immersive environments for the public. This year Hidden Door took place from the 26th of May to the 4th of June at The Old Leith Theatre, close to Edinburgh’s waterfront, which has lain empty since 1988.

Live events and communications specialist, mclcreate joined forces with the Projector Club and a wider team of technical professionals, to support Hidden Door, assisting artists who were showcasing work and providing the resources to make their vision a reality. The objective for mclcreate and the Projector Club was to facilitate an open and powerful conversation between the Hidden Door community and the public during the course of the festival.

Within 2017’s Hidden Door, visitors found a selection of areas dedicated to individual artists displaying their own unique and imaginative ideas, reflecting a dynamic emerging cultural scene in Scotland. The main auditorium area comprised live music and performance aided by creative projection mapping created and configured by mclcreate and the Projector Club. These impressive images, cast across the stage, reached out around the entire space to create an exciting and engaging atmosphere. Film screenings also took place in this area with old movies complemented by modern film scores.

David Martin, Creative Director at Hidden Door, commented, “This year we had access to one of Edinburgh’s best kept secrets – the Old Leith Theatre. The theatre is magnificent and we filled every nook and cranny, backstage room, under the stage and even the roof space with exciting art installations, theatre shows and film from some of Scotland’s most promising new artists. mclcreate and the Projector Club made everything look utterly spectacular with creative projections. It was totally breathtaking at times and really added an extra dimension to the festival”.

mclcreate and the accompanying teams had only four days to build and set up for the festival, which in a building that has been unloved for over twenty years, was certainly a challenge.

Ross Blair, Operations Manager at mclcreate, commented, “Due to the building’s derelict and dilapidated nature there were various obstacles and difficulties we had to overcome. Health and safety had to be our top priority within a building of that nature so working around that had its limitations. We wanted to work with the urban, rundown charm of the space to create a unique personality rather than glossing over it. It was a fantastic project to be involved in and a truly impressive team effort.”

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