Meet Chris Malcolm from Glasgow

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Summarise your role – what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

I get to wear many hats, as do the rest of the mclcreate team in Glasgow. Primarily, I work closely with the new business development team to seek out new potential clients and opportunities. I also work with our projects team to identify the PM with the best skill set to deliver any event. 

In addition, I deliver events for my own historical clients which can range from directing video and creating content to project managing and show calling everything from corporate seminars to product launches and awards ceremonies.

How did you get into the events industry and into mclcreate?

I was working as an apprentice sound engineer in a large audio and video facility in Glasgow in the late 1980s. After it unfortunately went bust, I dug out the Yellow Pages and started calling local companies under the heading ‘AV’,! One of the companies I contacted happened to be Scotland’s largest event and production companies at the time and I talked my way in as a trainee in the events production department. It was a baptism of fire, but stood me in good stead for the next 27 years. In 2006, the opportunity arose to join mclcreate and we haven’t looked back!

How would you describe mclcreate as a company?

Just now is a really exciting time to be a part of mclcreate. The company has evolved into so much more than a kit rental company and new services such as our app, web streaming solutions and complete event management make it a genuinely exciting time to be part of this evolution.

What has been your most memorable experience at the company so far?

That’s a hard one – there have been so many! I guess working on the events leading up to and as part of the Commonwealth Games here in Glasgow has to be up there. There was an incredible buzz around Glasgow and great privilege to be a part of it.

Tell us about work at the Glasgow office – what kind of events does your team work on?

We cover absolutely everything– from a basic PA or projector delivered to a venue to large scale international events providing all the content production and technical support. We have even provided the branded road signage for a First Minister’s windfarm opening event high in the Scottish hills – challenging to say the least!

People at mclcreate seem to have varied and exciting hobbies. Outside of work, what keeps you entertained?

My three kids usually keep me fairly entertained and busy in a variety of ways! I also like to shut myself away in the studio in the house and doodle on my ridiculously impractical collection of analogue synths. Also I’m finally getting my bike back on the road after three years and plan to head to the hills on my Bandit if it ever stops raining up here!

How do you feel your outside interests enrich your work at mclcreate?

Having three, occasionally naughty kids gives me the patience to deal with some of the more challenging things that can happen on live events. Thankfully though, I have never had to send any crew to bed early without supper!

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