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Nurturing the creative young minds of Manchester

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Manchester Creative StudioMembers of our Manchester team have embarked on a new project to inspire and provide opportunities for the digital and design professionals of the future.

Students at Manchester Creative Studio were treated to a careers talk from creative director Jamie McAffer and sales and account manager Jennifer Toothill.

The school is dedicated to educating young people intent on a career in the digital and design industries.

Delivering a 2-hour session, the team from mclcreate introduced the company, explained the crucial importance of design, and outlined the essential attributes of a candidate seeking a design career in events.

As Jamie explained:

“Jen and I went along to allow them to see a different side of design that it isn’t all about screen or print, but design for a live audience, which is also an exciting and viable career choice.”

As part of an ongoing commitment to the students’ development, Jamie and Jenni set them a task to design a brand and environment for an awards ceremony, taking inspiration from a real-life brief.

This activity sparked some fresh and exciting ideas from the students, and mclcreate will continue to assess and give feedback on submissions.

Jenni said: 

“It’s a really good place to be involved with as they help young people gain professional qualifications and introduce them to the working world. From our point of view we could offer them a different access for entry into a creative industry business that they may not be aware of.”

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