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We’re changing… welcome to mclcreate

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

It’s all change for the business and as of today we’re mclcreate. So what’s behind our new name? Well, the name is one small part of an exciting new direction for the business, prompted by big changes in the events sector.

Delegates are changing; their expectations from an event are increasing all the time. Technology has changed too, and is moving forward at an ever increasing rate. The result is that event planners have to work harder than ever to attract and engage delegates.

But it doesn’t stop there. Social media revolutionised the way in which we digest news and engage directly with friends, colleagues, businesses, pass on news or network with acquaintances.

The changes mclcreate has made reflect this; it’s about meeting the increasing client and delegate sophistication by offering a service that meets all of our clients’ needs. As our homepage notes, it’s about being a genuine one-stop-shop for your event, the one place you would go in this evolving new era.

Our MD Tim Spencer sums it up:

“Our new name conveys the development of our focus to creating valuable experiences for our clients’ delegates. It goes beyond the event itself and into the potential offered by technology and digital channels: to reach, excite and engage with delegates before, during and after the event. This focus, combined with our renowned heritage as an excellent AV supplier, provides a truly 'one-stop-shop' for all our clients' needs - quite literally, a new way to do business."

Welcome to mclcreate.

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