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Thursday, 26 May 2016 Manchester Hilton Swinton Insurance

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Swinton Insurance has turned to event specialist mclcreate to once again deliver an energising and effective experience for its staff.  This appointment, which centred around developing an internal training programme, followed a hugely successful 2016 AGM in January, created and delivered by mclcreate, which sparked a fresh, new approach to the company. 

For the second time this year, Swinton Insurance colleagues enjoyed a creative and inspiring company event, masterminded by the team at mclcreate. Held at the Manchester Hilton, the unique training offering gave 250 Customer Service Managers (CSM) an immersive experience and provided a journey through eight learning zones. The training aimed to teach delegates that they were the masters of their own destiny – the success of their branch was in their hands and enhanced a real sense of ownership in their newly-developed roles. This theme of involvement has been carried on from the foundational experience at the AGM, which set the pace for all corporate activities in 2016. 

mclcreate supplied everything for this event, including the signage, artwork, creative input and produced the eight modular zones. The eight zones were broken down into short sharp 18 minute sessions by professional trainers, based on the popular TED technique and incorporating techniques that cater to all learning styles. The delegates were split into small groups which visited each zone over the course of the day. The content was driven by the delegates and went through a number of different styles of training to keep each small group of attendees engaged and involved in the day. 

The zones led delegates through a variety of different areas involved in their new roles. Zone one looked at local marketing, and the ways in which CSMs could spend their newly given marketing budgets. The second zone then gave delegates an experience of the Swinton call centre. Headphones were used to play audio from the call centre, fully immersing them in this side of the business and allowing them to understand why the changes to the company needed to be made.

‘One Best Way’ was the theme for the third zone. Those in this session were given post it notes to write down their ideas for the future, which were photographed for use during the year and in branches.

Leadership was the task at hand for those in the fourth zone, and Risk Assessment was the focus of zone five. This area, called ’50 Shades of Risk’, featured a Top Gear style ‘cool wall’ with CSMs putting the most risky scenarios in the hot area of the wall.

Zone six looked at one of the key area for CSMs – the customers.  The seventh zone then dealt with what happens when it all goes wrong. mclcreate used a silent disco for this learning experience, where sound from the headphones depicted complaints and how they have been dealt with. The last zone taught delegates about their new IT system, bringing the company into the 21st century.

The main room housed a speaking area for internal speakers, which were trained by mclcreate to deliver meaningful and on point messages during the breakout sessions.

Each delegate had their own A5 notebook attached to their lanyards, enabling them to take notes at each stage to refer back to. The lanyard also covered each zone and what would be involved and when, using an ‘expect, equip, enable’ structure.

In the evening, the walls of the zones were transformed to create one space for staff to have a meal. Illustrators were on hand during the day to draw staff at different zones, which were on display on these white walls for the evening dinner, giving a footprint of the training. A video of the day was sent to staff after the event to reinforce the messages of the day.

The next Open 2016 event will be centred on the 850 call centre staff. Fortunately, the ‘walls on wheels’ zones created by mclcreate can be easily dismantled and transformed into entirely unrecognisable zones of differing sizes and styles, perfect for reusing resources and catering to such a large number of trainees with different requirements.

This fully experiential training day offered Swinton employees a whole new way of working, keeping them engaged and enthusiastic throughout. The different zones allowed them to be involved in many different areas of learning and come away with strong memories of the messages from the day. 

By offering a range of training activities that are so different from each other increased engagement for the Swinton CMSs and ensured that the messages stuck, long after the day is over, by providing a both memorable and informative session.

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