Castle Concerts 2015

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Standing against the famous backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, the temporary structure that is the 8,600 seater stadium provides access, comfort, sightlines and facilities for the people who watch the Castle Concerts live every year on the weeks before the Edinburgh Military Tattoo takes its residency over the month of August.

Having worked with the promoters previously on the concerts back in 2013 (in 2014 the concerts gave way to the Commonwealth Games celebrations) mclcreate were asked back to deliver the upstage LED backdrop screen, live relay camera channels, vision mixing and content playback for this year’s concerts.

With a capacity crowd of 8,600 people in the temporary arena, the remit for the LED backdrop was that it needed to be lightweight, big and bright. The GLUX 10mm LED product is one of the lightest in the marketplace, meaning that a screen of this size could be flown easily within the rigging parameters in terms of weight loading available in the ceiling of the stage used for this year’s concerts.

The team of technicians, LED screen engineers, camera operators and vision mixers on site from mclcreate had to facilitate the visual requirements for this year’s artists. Working alongside the touring production crews for Lionel Richie and The Vamps, the integrated delivery platform that mclcreate installed for this year’s concerts got the thumbs up from all involved.

Even the local stage hands who were on site to help install the massive upstage LED screen were quite literally singing the praises of how lightweight and easy the GLUX LED panels were to work with. In the words of Mr Richie himself, they sang the chorus of one of his famous hits with a slight change in the lyrics to say, “That’s why I’m easy, easy like Glux LED!”

The successful delivery of the visual elements for this series of concerts has seen mclcreate strengthen its position in the live events support services sector once again, by delivering the project on time, on budget and as a supportive partner to the production management team.

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