About Us

For over 25 years we have been providing a huge range of technical solutions for amazing events. Now, we are offering innovative creative solutions too.

This makes mclcreate the first genuine one-stop-shop for your event.

We have both the technical know-how and creative expertise so we can deliver valuable experiences: We really do deliver. We own all of our equipment, we know exactly how it works, and we make sure it gets to you just as you need it.

You’ll see excellent value in everything we do. We’re extremely cost effective because we own all our equipment (so we don’t mark-up someone else’s). And, we add real value by helping you evaluate what your event requires.

For your event to be a success it must be a memorable experience. So, we use our creative and technical expertise to make sure that your event really resonates with everyone who attends.

So this is what we do, now see what we can do for you.

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