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Easy, effective and engaging

Really engaging delegates is a delicate art. So, we study what you and your audience want and develop the right tools for the job.

To make sure your audience are completely engaged with what you’re doing we work out exactly what makes them tick. We use this information to involve them in every part of your experience – before, during and after the event.

We know the best practical and creative ways to get everyone involved – everything from adjusting the screens to the right height so everyone can see them, developing exciting audience activities, and using social media to properly support your event.

Our new bespoke event app can really boost your brand by offering extra event content. It easily allows your audience access to schedules, speaker profiles, address books and relevant articles straight to their smart phone.

Interacting with your delegates at every step of the journey is made easy with the latest technology, from RFID through to our in-house app, INTO. And we analyse their actions so you can understand and meet their needs when you contact them next.

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